Hard Ball Cricket

Our our colts teams play hard ball cricket. Our teams compromise of both boys and girls, and are fully inclusive. If you want to play cricket, our teams are for you!!

Under the guidance of our fully qualified coaches, we will guide you though the next levels of your cricketing journey.

We play two formats, Terrier Cricket and full 20 overs matchs.


Terrier cricket is played by our younger sides. This format allows for all players to participate in bowling, and batting, giving an opportunity for all our young players to develop.


20 overs matches are played by our older teams. These games follow more the rules of traditional cricket, but coaching during in the games is allowes, and encouraged, allowing our players to develope further. Bowling is shared across the team to include all players.  Batters, once out, are out!!

For information on out Junior Colts programme, contact us below