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Girls' Overview

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At our Girls' Cricket hardball programme, we are committed to inspiring girls to play cricket and providing them with a safe and supportive environment to develop their skills. Our programme is tailored for girls up to and including year 8, offering them the opportunity to play 9-a-side, 16 overs per team matches, against clubs from across the county.

We understand that the transition from soft ball to hard ball cricket can be intimidating for young players, which is why we have designed our programme to gradually introduce them to the hard ball format. We have modified the rules to suit the needs of our players, making the games more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Our matches are played on a shorter wicket and with a smaller ball, which allows the players to improve their skills and confidence without feeling overwhelmed. We believe that this modified format provides the perfect balance between introducing the players to the hard ball game and ensuring that they feel comfortable and safe on the field.

Our coaches are experienced and dedicated to providing a supportive and inclusive environment for all players. They work closely with each player, helping them to develop their skills and confidence, while fostering a love of the game. Our aim is to encourage girls to continue playing cricket, both at a recreational and competitive level, and to develop a lifelong passion for the sport.

Our Girls' Cricket sessions are held every Friday evening at Bayard Recreation Ground, with fully qualified coaches and all

equipment provided by the club.

Overall, our Girls' Cricket hardball programme is designed to provide an exciting and enjoyable experience for young female cricketers. We are passionate about inspiring girls to get involved in the game and providing them with the skills and confidence to succeed. We invite all young girls who are interested in cricket to come and join us for a fun-filled season of hardball cricket.

Subscription and Fees

Club membership runs from 1st January to 30th September. Click here to view the current membership types and fees.

To apply for membership, please contact the club via the email provided at the bottom of the page. Join us and let your child experience the joy of cricket in a friendly and supportive environment.

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